Denavir Review

Denavir is a topical anti-viral medicine intended to battle the Herpes Virus Infection. Though it has the ability to trigger a reaction and mutate all kinds of herpes viruses, this anti-viral formula is specifically recommended for those who have cold sores. This cream is recommended to be applied on infected areas as early as the […]

Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten-free Pancakes These gluten-free pancakes are sure to please anyone for breakfast. They are really delicious and will help you get a good start in the morning. Most gluten-free recipes can be really complicated. This is really a very simple and easy to prepare recipe that the whole family will love. Many pancake recipes may […]

Knicks Victory Cooler Recipe

Are you a fan of the Knicks? Then have I got a cocktail for you! Well, technically, it is not a cocktail since it does not actually involve alcohol – it is a “mocktail”. Perhaps that is why it is called a Knicks Victory Cooler…they won because they kept a sober head! And so will […]

Horchata how to Make Horchata Spanish Culture Food Drinks Exotic

Ingredients. 200 gr. Of tiger nuts or earth almond (Spanish: chufa) 150 gr. of sugar or equivalent of sweetener 1 l. of water, plus cleaning. How to make it. Clean chufas several times with water, to eliminate all mud. Introduce them in water for around 12 hours to rehydrate them.Drain this water and clean them […]

The b 52

In the world of cocktails and mixed drinks the B-52 is a famous name, and all around the world it is one of the most asked for cocktails. It is a drink that is often found in the club and pub scene of many towns and cities, but it is equally a popular drink to […]

How to Make Grog

Drink recipes: Grog Grog is an unusual alcoholic mixture that varies on where the Grog is being made. While serving in the U.S. Army, our unit would host a yearly Dine-in that was a celebration of our unit’s successes. All of us would dress in our finest Army dress uniforms, bow-ties, white shirt, and decorate […]

Brandy Julep

Although less well known than the Mint Julep, the Brandy Julep is still a widely popular mixed drink. Like its more illustrious cousin, the brandy julep is a drink normally consumed on the hottest of days, as it is a truly refreshing and delicious, and few drinks can match it as the perfect drink to […]

Kentucky Orange Blossom Cocktail Recipe

There are few cocktails more refreshing or delicious than an Orange Blossom. Traditionally made, it contains only gin, fresh orange juice, and sugar, making it a wonderfully sweet treat for any cocktail hour or party. The popularity of the Orange Blossom has inspired bartenders and mixologists to create all sorts of variations on it, using […]

Pop up Toaster Features

Pop-up toasters are an extremely common household appliance used by many households around the country. Not all pop-up toasters are the same, as some have far more features than others. The ones that offer these extra features will usually cost more, so look at the features available to see whether it is worthwhile to spend […]

Kirsch Rickey Cocktail

Though a classic Rickey is only bourbon and gin – a really sharp drink, unsurprisingly – there are a lot of variations on the drink that add some additional flavor and texture. There is even a non-alcoholic version that gained popularity during Prohibition called a Lime Rickey. The popularity of the Rickey, along with its […]